Macon Truck Accident Lawyer

Because of the drastic difference in size and weight between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, truck accidents can cause horrifying and often fatal injuries to others on the road. Big rigs, tractor-trailers, tankers, and 18-wheelers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and measure more than 50 feet in length. Pit one of these behemoths in motion against the average car weighing 3,000 pounds and disaster can result.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, you need a dedicated personal injury attorney understands federal trucking regulations and all the other factors that need to be investigated. At Childers & McCain, our Macon truck accident lawyers have the resources and knowledge needed to back up your injury claim against large corporations and powerful insurance companies.

Trucking Accidents in Georgia

Truckers and trucking companies are subject to federal regulations that govern how and when they can operate. Violations of these regulations are often a major factor in truck accidents.

Truck accidents are often caused by:

  • Truck driver fatigue due to violating rules regarding hours or days spent behind the wheel
  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Improper loading of cargo
  • Poorly trained or unqualified truck drivers
  • Defective truck parts or components
  • Moving violations by the driver
  • Driver error
  • Trucker under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Can you lose your CDL for an accident?

There are a handful of reasons that a driver may have their commercial driver’s license suspended, including fleeing an accident scene, driving a commercial vehicle (CMV) with a suspended license, being the cause of a fatality while operating a CMV, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and refusing blood alcohol testing. If you are facing accusations, reach out to Childers & McCain, LLC today to get started on your initial consultation!

Determining Truck Accident Liability

One of the more difficult parts of filing a truck accident claim is determining who is at fault for the accident, and therefore who should be held responsible for the damages. This is where our team comes in.

Our firm can investigate the scene of the accident to properly preserve evidence and work closely with accident reconstructionists, examine medical testimony and records, and investigate other resources to build your case against the trucking company and/or its insurance company.

Let Our Macon Truck Accident Attorneys Fight for You

Battling a large insurance or trucking company with its own considerable legal resources can be difficult and complex. That is why you need the services of Childers & McCain. We are well-versed in the applicable laws and have tough negotiation skills and the know-how to prepare your case for trial should that be necessary.

Our Macon truck accident lawyers are dedicated to getting the results you need in the wake of a devastating accident.

The Help You Need Can Be Found at Childers & McCain

Facing the aftermath of a serious accident can be overwhelming. Before you speak with the insurance companies, make sure you schedule a free consultation with the Macon personal injury lawyers at Childers & McCain. We can protect your rights while anticipating the insurance company’s tactics to make sure you get the full compensation you deserve. You don’t have to navigate this tough road alone – let our team of professionals help you move forward.

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