Child Injuries

There are few experiences more tragic or emotionally devastating than learning that your child has gotten hurt because of another adult’s reckless or careless conduct. Even if the physical consequences of such an incident will only last for a short time, the financial and emotional repercussions of child injuries can often persist for much longer. Not to mention how traumatic a life-altering or permanent injury could be.

In this kind of situation, the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer could make a tremendous difference in your ability to effectively protect your child’s future prospects and best interests. Once retained, a Macon child injury lawyer could explain your recovery options in a confidential setting, work diligently to establish fault for the injuries, and demand financial restitution for any and all damages your family has suffered because of this unfortunate incident.

Holding Someone Else Accountable for a Child’s Injury

In many respects, the basic legal procedures for personal injury litigation are the same regardless of whether the injured person is an adult or a minor at the time of an accident. Either way, the party filing suit must establish that their named defendant caused injury directly through a breach of their duty of care in order to compel that defendant to pay for ensuing losses. When the injury was to a child, a parent or guardian can file the suit on their behalf.

However, there are some important ways in which child injury claims differ from cases involving solely adults. Perhaps most importantly, there are some circumstances in which adults may be liable for harm sustained by children when they would not be liable for injuries sustained by adults under the same circumstances. For instance, the common-law “attractive nuisance doctrine” holds that property owners can be held responsible for injuries to trespassing children who are drawn onto their land by unsecured “nuisances” like construction equipment or swimming pools.

Additionally, the statutory filing period for child injury litigation may be “tolled” in many cases until the child in question turns 18. This means that parents, guardians, and injured children themselves may have longer than normal to start the litigation process. With that in mind, it is still generally best to hire a Macon child injury attorney and start pursuing compensation as soon as feasibly possible. This means there is less of a chance for important evidence to be lost or destroyed.

Recovering for Both Past and Future Losses

Because young children are still developing physically and mentally, accidents resulting in serious physical trauma to minors may have disproportionately severe long-term effects. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for children in accidents to sustain injuries that permanently alter their lives in ways that would not have had comparable effects for more physically developed adults.

Fortunately, it is possible to recover for both short-term losses that have already occurred and future losses that will likely occur in the years to come through a comprehensive personal injury claim. A child injury lawyer in Macon could play a crucial role in demanding compensation for future damages like lost earning capacity, future medical expenses, lost enjoyment of life, and physical and psychological pain.

Macon Personal Injury Lawyers at Childers & McCain, LLC Advocate for Victims of Child Injuries 

Few personal injury cases are more challenging on both procedural and emotional levels than those seeking restitution for injuries sustained by a child. If you have found yourself in this unimaginable position, having support from a Macon personal injury lawyer could be the key to achieving the best possible resolution for your family. 

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