Bus Accidents

Many buses travel through the Macon area every day and many workers use city buses to commute to and from their jobs. Other people use both private and public buses to get to other destinations in and around the city. Additionally, children ride on buses to and from their schools. Buses are a convenient and affordable method of transportation, and, for the most part, they are relatively safe. Unfortunately, some bus accidents occur every year, resulting in serious injuries to bus passengers, occupants of other vehicles, and bystanders.

If you experienced harm in a crash, a Macon bus accident lawyer might be able to assist you in pursuing justice for your losses and compensation for your injuries. Your odds of success increase when you have a trustworthy personal injury attorney at your side.

Common Causes of Bus Crashes in Macon

Like accidents involving all other types of motor vehicles, bus crashes can occur for many different reasons. Many of those accidents could have been prevented if not for human error.

Driver Negligence

Sadly, as with most motor vehicle crashes, driver negligence leads to many accidents, such as when a driver fails to obey the rules of the road. Distracted driving, speeding, unsafe lane changes, drunk driving, tailgating, and other driving mistakes often cause crashes. An attorney could investigate an accident to determine if a driver acted negligently or recklessly. In certain instances, a claimant could also pursue a claim against the bus company that employed the driver, because employers are often legally responsible for their employees’ negligence.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Although some crashes are unavoidable due to unexpected dangerous conditions and bad weather, many collisions could be avoided with proper road care and maintenance. A Macon bus collision lawyer could examine the roadway defects or problems that led to the crash and pursue a claim against the City of Macon for failing to maintain the roads.

Defective Automotive Parts

Sometimes, a bus will crash due to inherent defects in their parts. A strong legal team could check for manufacturing defects and then pursue justice against the bus manufacturer. Beyond defects, auto parts have been known to simply weaken over time. If a bus company failed to regularly inspect and maintain their vehicles, a claimant could seek compensation from the bus company for their negligence. Similarly, if a mechanic fails to make necessary repairs to a bus and it then crashes, that mechanic could be liable for the injuries that result.

A dedicated team of attorneys could perform a detailed investigation of an accident to identify all of the responsible parties.

Typical Injuries Following Bus Accidents

Due to their heavy weights and large sizes, buses can inflict devastating injuries to people on the ground. Buses have the capacity to crush most smaller passenger vehicles, which can seriously harm whoever is inside.

Bus accidents can also cause a lot of trauma to the occupants of the bus. Few buses have seatbelts, so passengers can be thrown from their seats. Consequently, bus passengers frequently sustain whiplash, broken bones, spinal injuries, head damage, and internal organ damage In addition, unsecured items in the bus, such as luggage, can also become loose and strike passengers.

A bus accident lawyer in Macon could help a claimant evaluate and assess their injuries in order to work towards a settlement figure that fairly compensates them for each of their losses.

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