Dangerous Drugs

Millions of Georgia residents depend on over-the-counter and prescription medications every day to manage a variety of medical conditions, and most of those drugs serve their intended purposes with only minimal side effects. Unfortunately, the rapid pace of development within the pharmaceutical industry sometimes leads to dangerous drugs being released for sale that are not completely safe to use as advertised and may even have debilitating long-term effects on the people who use them.

As any experienced personal injury attorney could affirm, demanding civil compensation from a massive drug manufacturer is far from a simple task. If you want to overcome this strong opposition from the highly-paid defense counsel that these companies generally retain, you will need help from a Macon dangerous drugs lawyer who has helped people in your situation seek positive case results in the past.

Who is Liable for Harm Caused by Dangerous Drugs?

Just like any other company that produces products for public consumption, drug manufacturers have a duty to their consumers to provide reasonably safe goods that can be used as instructed without causing substantial harm. However, since pharmaceutical research is often a bleeding-edge science, the standard that these companies are held to are not quite as strict as those applicable to companies that produce other types of products, like motor vehicles or toys for children.

However, if a drug is unreasonably dangerous because its manufacturer failed to conduct sufficient testing prior to its public release, or a manufacturer or seller deliberately obscures harmful side effects from doctors or patients, they could be held financially accountable for any harm their product causes to consumers. Likewise, if a drug is defective or hazardous because of tampering or inadvertent contamination by a seller, that seller could bear liability for ensuing damages. A Macon dangerous drugs attorney could provide crucial assistance with identifying who is to blame for a particular defect and taking appropriate legal action against them.

Recoverable Damages from a Defective Medication Claim

Anyone who sustains physical injury in Georgia due to another person’s or entity’s neglect may have grounds to demand compensation for both economic and non-economic consequences of that neglect. In other words, recoverable damages in a dangerous drugs claim can include not just objective financial losses like emergency medical bills, but also various subjective forms of harm like physical pain, lost consortium, and lost enjoyment and/or quality of life.

Importantly, though, it is rare that a dangerous drug only has negative effects on one person. Even if it did, a single plaintiff has little to no chance of successfully getting compensation from a multinational corporation. Fortunately, it is often possible for multiple plaintiffs who suffered similar types of harm from the same product to join together in a mass tort claim, working as one collective to pursue compensation for everyone at once. A defective drugs lawyer in Macon could go into further detail about whether starting or joining mass tort litigation may be a good idea in a particular situation.

Macon Personal Injury Lawyers at Childers & McCain, LLC Provide Dedicated Representation to Victims of Dangerous Drugs

Whether it takes the form of a mass tort claim or a single lawsuit against a smaller company or individual, dangerous drug litigation can be immensely challenging to pursue by yourself. Without guidance from someone with extensive legal experience, your odds of getting the financial recovery you need are slim. A Macon dangerous drugs lawyer at Childers & McCain, LLC could provide the custom-tailored assistance you need to effectively seek the restitution you deserve. Call 478-254-2007 today to discuss your legal options. Or reach us by filling out our online contact form.

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