Case Results

The results below are only shown to represent what was done for the previous clients. Each case is different, and while we will always work hard to get the results deserved, these results are not a standard or guarantee that we will get similar results in a potential client case. This means that each case outcome will be different and this should not be construed as a promise that we will obtain these same results for potential clients.


Wrongful Death


Wrongful Death Tractor Trailer Wreck


Injured by Farm Equipment


Premises Liability and Car Wreck


Golf Cart Rollover Accident


Fall from Negligently Maintained Carnival Equipment


Bad Faith Case


Injuries from a School Bus Wreck


Disputed Liability Tractor Trailer Wreck


Car Wreck Aggravates Pre-Existing Bad Back


Driver Lacked Sufficient Insurance Coverage – Discovered Uninsured Motorist Policy


Driver Lacked Sufficient Insurance Coverage – Pursued Uninsured Motorist (UM) Policy


Injury Caused by Negligent Construction


Injury Caused by Negligent Construction


Badly Bruised Legs


Person Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident


Person Injured By a Drunk Driver


Head-On Collision Where Car Crossed over the Center Line


Nursing Home Negligence


Person Injured in a Four Wheeler Accident


Fall on Federal Property Under the Federal Tort Claims Act


Person Injured on a Motorized Wheelchair


Injured Motorcycle Driver Against Two Insurance Companies and Taxi Cab Company After Cab Stopped Unexpectedly


Disabled Child Left All Day on a School Bus


Pedestrian Hit by a Car


Child Injured on Bicycle in Case Where the Driver Blamed the Child

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