Macon Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Macon Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and it is also a fun and cost-effective mode of transportation. Every day, people take advantage of the many great bike trails in the Macon area. However, because cyclists do not always have the option of using a dedicated bike lane or trail, and must share the same roads with automobiles, accidents can sometimes occur. Because bikes are not designed to shield their riders in the event of a collision with a car, bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries.

If you were recently in a bicycle crash, you might be worried about how you will pay for your costly medical bills and even support your family. Fortunately, a Macon bicycle accident lawyer might be able to help you obtain compensation to cover your losses in a personal injury lawsuit.

Possible Losses After a Macon Bicycle Accident

A serious bicycle crash can affect a survivor in all aspects of their life. They might face physical limitations due to pain or mobility issues. They might suffer emotionally due to their pain and suffering, and find it challenging to learn to cope with their changed circumstances. Grueling physical therapy and painful medical procedures are a possibility. In addition, treatments are often expensive and a person might have difficulty paying for their treatments or providing for their families, especially if they cannot work because of their injuries. A Macon bike accident attorney could meet with an injured biker to review the details of their accident to see if they have solid grounds for succeeding with a claim against the negligent party.

Possible Recoverable Damages for Bicycle Accidents in Macon

Fortunately, in Georgia, bike crash survivors can pursue compensation for both their economic and non-economic losses. There are no statutory caps in Georgia on the amount of such damages that a person can recover.

Economic damages would cover the quantifiable losses that a person can put a dollar figure on. Some examples of economic damages would be current and projected medical expenses resulting from an accident, lost past and future wages, and costs associated with changed living circumstances, such as a home healthcare aide or modifications or renovations to a home.

Non-economic damages cover losses that are not as easy to quantify in exact dollar figures. These losses are by nature more subjective, but are still fully allowed under the law. They often include pain and suffering, emotional anguish and distress, disability, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Evaluating Losses with a Lawyer

In addition to helping prove liability so that a person’s claim prevails in court, a seasoned bicycle collision attorney in Macon could also help that person recover a figure that adequately and fully represents the value of their losses. In order to help establish economic losses, they could gather and secure all evidence relating to those losses, such as medical bills, therapy bills, and pay stubs. They could meet with doctors and other medical experts who could speak about the extent of the injuries and the projected future recovery. Non-economic losses are possible by looking into the circumstances surrounding the accident, meeting with witnesses, and establishing how much a survivor’s life was impacted by the accident.

Macon Personal Injury Lawyers Protect the Rights of Injured Victims of Bicycle Accidents

When cars hit bicyclists, there can often be disastrous consequences, with a number of these incidents having the potential to cause life-threatening injuries. A Macon bicycle accident lawyer at Childers & McCain, LLC understands how challenging this time can be and could work aggressively to help you get a damages award that would allow you to rebuild your life. Reach us online or call 478-254-2007 today to arrange your free consultation. 

The Help You Need Can Be Found at Childers & McCain

Facing the aftermath of a serious accident can be overwhelming. Before you speak with the insurance companies, make sure you schedule a free consultation with the Macon personal injury lawyers at Childers & McCain. We can protect your rights while anticipating the insurance company’s tactics to make sure you get the full compensation you deserve. You don’t have to navigate this tough road alone – let our team of professionals help you move forward.

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