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Proposed Bill Allowing Heavier Trucks Reaches the Senate

On February 9, 2023, the House Transportation Committee voted in favor of a bill which would increase the weight limit for large trucks in Georgia by 10,000 pounds. Currently, most Georgia trucks have an 80,000-pound limit, which is consistent with federal interstate standards. Despite major concerns expressed by truck drivers and the Georgia Department of Transportation, the bill advanced to the Senate.

Georgia’s business interests have pushed for legislation allowing heavier tractor-trailers and big rigs on state highways; increased weight equals more goods on fewer trucks. Opponents to the bill, however, have expressed a focus on safety and long-term costs. Local and county officials state that allowing heavier weights on highways and bridges will shorten the lifecycle of pavements. They predict billions will be spent rebuilding damaged highways and replacing bridges to accommodate the weight increase if the bill passes. Georgia taxpayers would also end up paying more for these infrastructure repairs.

Many assert that the state’s focus should be on finding ways to make large trucks safer on Georgia roads. Truck drivers point out that heavier trucks take longer to brake and are more difficult to control. It is widely agreed that increased weight limits could result in more dangerous truck accidents. Truck drivers and safety experts state that occupants of smaller vehicles are at the highest risk for serious traffic-related injuries.

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