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Mount Vernon Highway Bridge Permanently Damaged by Non-Regulation Truck

The Georgia Department of Public Safety reports catastrophic damage to the Mount Vernon Bridge after being struck by a tractor trailer last week. The truck, carrying an excavator, was attempting to pass beneath the bridge while traveling on Interstate 285. An inspection revealed the truck was 40,000 pounds over the legal weight limit and nearly four feet taller than the legal height limit. The crash closed Interstate 285 in Sandy Springs for several hours.

According to the report, the truck and its load reached a height of 17 feet, three inches – three feet and seven inches above the legal limit – and weighed more than 120,000 pounds – 40,000 pounds over the legal limit. The Georgia State Patrol issued citations to the driver of the truck, which is owned and operated by B2 Contracting in Fayetteville, Georgia.

The fine for weight violations is five cents for each pound over the limit, amounting to $2,000 in this circumstance. Fines for height violations are determined by local authorities, though the Fulton County traffic citation schedule lists the fine for overlength or over-width vehicles is $265, which can be raised or lowered by the court.

Contractors are working to construct a new bridge, but completion will not occur until some point in 2024. Detours have been established for drivers who used to travel over the bridge.

To learn more about improper loads and Georgia’s truck load regulations, please visit:

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