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Trucker Path Introduces Truck Stop Safety Feature for Women

In partnership with the American Trucking Association’s Women in Motion group, technology vendor Trucker Path announced enhancements to its transportation network application to identify comfortable and safe truck stops for women truck drivers. Women in Motion (WIM) promotes and supports the advancement of women in the trucking industry.

Trucker Path’s mobile application was initially developed to help commercial truck drivers locate rest stops with specific amenities. The partnership with WIM addresses a longtime industry challenge – women’s safety. The application’s expansion now provides information to female drivers on truck stop facilities with increased safety amenities, such as better lighting, safe bathrooms, and on-site security personnel.

Trucker Path generates information based on real-time feedback from its driver user base. The latest feature allows users to check seven separate boxes to signal whether a rest stop has lighted parking, bathroom access, lounge areas, shower and laundry facilities with all-day access, 24-hour maintenance, and on-site security.

The WIM logo appears on facilities featuring all seven amenities, though drivers are still able to provide updated information on the condition of the facility’s amenities through the app. The company notes that its user base has been eager to provide helpful information to the app and receives roughly 20 million data points from individual users each month.

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