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Why Is Proper Training So Important for Truck Drivers?

Truck accidents cause some of the most destructive accidents due to the massive size and weight of a commercial truck compared to the average passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, not all trucking companies are diligent about providing the training necessary to safely operate a fully loaded commercial truck and avoid a severe accident.

Operating a massive 80,000-pound truck requires skill and experience behind the wheel. As a result, the federal government recently updated trucking regulations that required a baseline training level for all entry-level truck drivers. To qualify for CDL, upgrade a current CDL, or obtain a hazmat materials endorsement, new truck drivers may need to complete the following training requirements:

  • Essential operation of a vehicle.
  • Understand the vehicle control systems and dashboard instruments.
  • Complete pre-and post-trip inspections.
  • Successfully perform backing and docking.
  • Complete roadside inspections.
  • Understand how to log HOS.
  • Understand driver-whistleblower protections and procedures.

Trucking companies that prioritize safety take the necessary steps to ensure that all truck drivers have been properly trained before they get behind the wheel. There are a wide range of benefits to providing this training, including the following:

  • Improved safety: Properly trained truck drivers will learn how to safely operate a commercial truck, avoid common distractions while driving, and thoroughly understand the laws governing truck drivers’ movements.
  • Enhanced job performance: Truck drivers also learn about fuel economy, vehicle maintenance, and other operational aspects of the job that can help them be more efficient and increase their job performance.  
  • Advanced skills: Driver medication classes will help truck drivers learn more advanced driving techniques like completing tight turns successfully and special equipment like blind spot mirrors.
  • Job security: Some trucking companies require truck drivers to enroll in courses to receive certification before they are hired.
  • Improved morale: Truck drivers who are properly trained often feel more valued and appreciated.
  • Greater job satisfaction: Driver education programs provide skills and knowledge that give truck drivers an improved sense of job satisfaction, often leading to increased productivity and overall quality of work.
  • Improved relationships with other drivers: Part of a driver education program involves teaching truck drivers how to interact with other motorists on the road, improving safety for all motorists.
  • Accident prevention: Properly trained truck drivers who understand how to operate a large truck safely and anticipate potential hazards are more likely to be able to prevent a severe accident.

Our Chatham County Truck Accident Lawyers at Childers & McCain, LLC Can Help You if You Have Been Injured

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