Unfortunately, there is no financial award big enough to replace the permanent loss of mobility, sensation, and personal freedom that an injury resulting in paralysis will cause. That being said, pursuing civil compensation from the person responsible for causing an injury can still be crucial to preserving your future prospects and overall standard of living in spite of the harm you sustained.

Working with a Macon paralysis injury lawyer could greatly improve your chances of recovering comprehensively for both past and future repercussions of your accident. No matter what type of negligence produced your paralyzing injury, your capable catastrophic injury attorney could work tirelessly and tenaciously to achieve a fair outcome on your behalf.

Establishing Fault for a Paralyzing Injury

Whenever someone successfully holds another person liable for an accident resulting in paralysis, they often do so under the legal theory of negligence. This theory allows someone who causes harm inadvertently and without any malicious intent to bear financial accountability for their actions in civil court, just as someone who maliciously causes harm might bear accountability through criminal court.

There are four core elements to negligence that all must be present for a case built around this theory to proceed. First, the defendant being sued must have owed the plaintiff a duty to act responsibly and reasonably under certain circumstances. Second, the defendant must have breached their duty by acting in a reckless, careless, or otherwise unreasonable way.

Third, the aforementioned breach must have been the proximatecause of an accident. Fourth and finally, that accident must have caused or contributed to cause the physical injury or aggravation of an injury or condition , which in turn caused the losses for which they are seeking compensation. A Macon paralysis injury attorney could provide irreplaceable assistance with collecting evidence that someone was negligent based on this legal definition, and is therefore responsible for the impact of a paralyzing injury.

Different Types of Paralysis

Rather than the specific type of injury a plaintiff experienced, the value of a claim is based on the severity of harm they sustained. Accordingly, accidents resulting in permanent paralysis generally have high values due to the all-encompassing effect that this debilitating condition can have on someone’s life.

Recoverable compensation can still vary from case to case, depending on a plaintiff’s unique circumstances. For instance, someone who works in an office job and sustains paraplegia—paralysis below the waist—in an accident would be entitled to recover for past and future medical expenses, past, present, and future physical and emotional pain, lost enjoyment of life, and various other economic and non-economic damages.

Conversely, someone who performs manual labor for work and becomes paraplegic might never be able to go back to their old job. Anyone who suffers quadriplegia, complete paralysis below the neck, may be unable to hold any kind of job. In that kind of situation, a paralysis accident lawyer in Macon could help factor additional losses into a comprehensive settlement demand or lawsuit.

Macon Personal Injury Lawyers at Childers & McCain, LLC Protect the Rights of Those Impacted by Paralysis

Even though injuries that cause permanent paralysis are life-altering, they rarely make for simple or straightforward lawsuits. On top of the inherent difficulty of proving someone else legally at fault for an accident, those who suffer paralysis also need to accurately estimate the value of future losses that their condition may result in, long before those losses actually occur in real life.

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