Macon Personal Injury Lawyers at Childers & McCain, LLC Can Help You After an Accident.

How Will a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

A serious injury caused by another party’s negligence can put someone in a highly vulnerable position. Insurance companies often challenge claims, make lowball offers, or deny them. It is also common for at-fault parties to deny their responsibility. Anyone who suffers an injury after an accident and is concerned about getting compensation might benefit from working with a personal injury attorney.

When Is the Best Time to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

It can be difficult to think clearly after an accident, particularly when someone gets rushed to an emergency room for treatment. It is important to call 911 after a car accident, truck accident, or another type of accident, and the insurance provider should be contacted that same day. Many people hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney because they do not think it is necessary. However, calling one as soon as possible is important because they can offer valuable legal advice and protect your rights.

Additionally, states have a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. In Georgia, that deadline is two years starting from the date of the accident. Keep in mind that it takes time to determine if a case should be filed, based on an investigation and further research. Many personal injury attorneys do not charge upfront fees and offer free initial consultations.

Another reason to make the call quickly is to preserve evidence. Debris from the scene might be removed, skid marks could be cleaned up, and video camera evidence might be erased. A personal injury attorney can act quickly to ensure that this and other evidence is gathered to strengthen your case.

Will a Personal Injury Attorney Work With My Insurance Company?

Personal injury attorneys often work with insurance providers so their clients will not have to, and this avoids a lot of stress, frustration, and wasted time. They may negotiate on your behalf, and they possess the experience to recognize unsatisfactory settlement offers and questionable tactics.

Can a Personal Injury Attorney Estimate My Losses?

Your personal injury attorney can categorize your losses into economic, non-economic, and in some cases, punitive damages. Economic losses are out-of-pocket costs for medical bills, lost wages, and medication. This can include current medical costs and estimates for future care, and this is crucial for people with long-term injuries. Non-economic costs focus on pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

It is rare for plaintiffs to be awarded punitive damages in personal injury cases, but judges and juries may do this when the responsible party showed a strong disregard for the plaintiff’s well-being. It can also happen when a jury wants to make an example of what the defendant did to serve as a deterrent to prevent others from doing the same thing in the future.

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Gather Evidence?

Your personal injury attorney can analyze all of the evidence to estimate the losses incurred by the accident. Aside from reviewing a police report, they may investigate any property damage and the medical expenses related to your care. If you are unable to work because of the injury, the attorney may reach out to your employer for documentation.

Eyewitnesses might be another source of evidence for your case, and your attorney can ensure that they are properly vetted before asking for their cooperation. Expert witnesses may be used to solidify the evidence as well. These professionals specialize in specific areas and provide objective court testimony.

Attempting to gather your own evidence in a personal injury case can be difficult, not to mention confusing. If a case is not clear-cut, an attorney has the resources and experience to dig deeper into sources that provide information, like truck driver logs, the reason for a broken traffic light, a failed inspection, or proof that a restaurant employee was poorly trained.

What if I Want to Represent Myself?

You are free to represent yourself after an accident. However, it is important to know that attorneys are more likely to get a larger settlement. If the case ends up in court, their legal experience can be invaluable, particularly when a plaintiff is fighting to protect their rights and the defendant is a large company.

Negotiating with an insurance company, gathering evidence, and learning about all of the applicable state laws will also take up considerable time. This can be challenging for someone who is recovering from a serious injury. There is no question that a personal injury case managed by an attorney could take time, but building a strong case requires legal experience, tenacity, and patience.

Macon Personal Injury Lawyers at Childers & McCain, LLC Can Help You After an Accident

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