ataa mother truckers rally in alaska

Christy Crowe Childers, Esq. Hosts ATAA Mother Truckers Rally in Alaska

After a successful event in Montana last year, Co-Founder Christy Crowe Childers, Esq. is set to lead the second ATAA Mother Truckers Rally in Alaska this June. Christy looks forward to teaching classes in a yurt, heli-mushing, landing on glaciers, and driving tractor-trailers with other women trucking lawyers at the Alaska Driving Academy

Christy is dedicated to joining forces with other women who practice truck accident law across the country. She is one of only five female NBTA-board certified truck accident lawyers in the United States. Additionally, she is the Education Chair for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and the first woman in Georgia to be NBTA-board certified in truck accident law. Since 2005, Christy has earned the reputation of being a strong and informed voice for truck accident victims in her native State of Georgia.

Christy brings enormous passion and commitment to her practice. She has helped her clients recover high financial awards against negligent trucking companies and huge corporations.

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