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Trucking Accidents


Macon Truck Accident Attorney

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors the activities of trucking companies in an effort to keep dangerous truck drivers and defective tractor trailers off of our roads. However, often truck drivers drive long hours, far beyond the driving time limitations placed on them by the FMCSA. In trucking accident cases, it is important to speak with an attorney quickly so that an accident reconstructionist can be hired to map the scene and to preserve the evidence. Tractor Trailers are equipped with recording devices, which, if preserved will often tell us vital information, such as how fast the truck driver was driving at the time of the accident. Our attorneys investigate the claim to determine, for example, whether the driver’s log books were current, whether the driver had violated the driving time requirements in the past, whether the driver had a valid and current medical examiner’s certificate, etc. Call 478-254-2007 for a free consultation today.