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Why Helping People Who are Injured in Dangerous Condition Cases (Also known as Slip and Fall accidents) is Important Work

There are few fields in our legal justice system that are more frequently misunderstood or mischaracterized by the public than the personal injury field. Most individuals and businesses are insured against the risk of an injury occurring, and when it does their insurance company either pays the injured person’s medical bills and other damages they incurred that are covered under the insurance contract or the insurance company decides to find a way to deny the claim so that the not-at-fault injured individual has to pay for their own medical bills and suffer the often devastating financial impact that an injury can have on their work, their ability to earn an income, their ability to pay bills, and on their marriages and relationships with others.

In the area of premises liability law, holding businesses accountable helps keep quality in the system so that the store does abide by its own policies and procedures. Older Americans are particularly at risk of suffering the most debilitating injuries from a fall. For instance, your child may fall and be able to bounce right back, your sister may get hurt and be able to have neck surgery, but your grandparent may fall and end up losing their life in a medically necessary hip or neck surgery, or the trauma itself may place too much stress on their bodies for them to survive.

Grocery stores are the repeat offenders but all commercial businesses must be safe for its customers. They have safety measures in place to ensure that people are not hurt in their stores, but time after time they blow off sweeps, they fail to instruct or discipline their employees when they do not fix a hazard, or they actually see the hazard but fail to do anything about it.

This type of splash Would your grandmother or aging parent see this clear spill on the floor? Often, the floor has been waxed so slick that you can see the reflection of the lights on the floor and the reflection also makes the water on the floor less apparent, even for a diligent observer. What happens when an older person slips in this and breaks her hip? Will an older person then be wheelchair bound for the remainder of her life or worse, not survive the surgery? We have had both scenarios happen, including the death of an elderly man who left behind his family after a fall left him hospitalized.

It is hard to comprehend the depth of the problem, until you routinely meet with families who are asking questions like, “Why, if they knew that two people had already fallen there, did they not fix it before my dad fell and died?” Until you sit across the table and see their grief, it is hard to understand why these cases are so important. At the end of the day, you cannot keep quality in the system if no one is held accountable. Thus, even the small cases are important because the small cases are the ones that sow the seeds of indifference, which can grow into a systemic problem, resulting in much more serious injuries and even death. This is why every slip and fall case is important.

Georgia Accident Lawyers

Every single year, we help many people who have sustained a severe slip and fall injury. These injuries are also a common source of injury at work. Premises liability cases arise more often than most people may first think. It is important to get a lawyer involved quickly so that we can send a preservation of evidence letter, requesting that they retain the video recordings of the incident, sweep logs, employee records and other information that we will use to see if liability exists on the part of the company.

Unsafe Premises Conditions

There are many different factors that can classify a location as unsafe or dangerous. Even seemingly minor hazards can cause great damage if left unchecked. A good lawyer will be able to see exactly how the environment around you contributed directly to your accident.


Some of these slip and fall hazards include:

Poor lighting

Surfaces that are too steep

Obscured ledges or steps

Torn carpet or uneven rugs

Non-level flooring

Missing or defective railings

Slippery surfaces

Violations of building codes

Pavement gaps

Construction defects

Slick, icy walkways

Wet floors with or without warning signs

There are many other conditions that could lead to falling as well. Talk to an experienced Macon, Georgia slip and fall attorney to learn more situational details.

After A Slip And Fall

After you’ve had a slip and fall accident, there are some things you should do, and some things you shouldn’t do. It’s important to consult an attorney as soon as you can. Getting a slip and fall attorney on your case right away will make all the difference in the success of your lawsuit. A lawyer will send a letter requiring them to preserve the video tape evidence and other evidence that can later be used in the case. If this letter is sent and they then dispose of the evidence requested for preservation, an adverse inference arises, such that it is presumed the evidence would have been harmful to them. This is strong evidence in a court of law. A lawyer will guide you through the next steps, however, a general outline can be provided here.

Take clear photos of the scene and surrounding areas as soon as possible.

Take clear photos of your injuries right away.

If there were witnesses, get their names and contact information.

Do not make any detailed statements regarding the accident.

Decline to give any recorded statements.

Find out who owns and manages the area.

Save your clothing and footwear.

Of course, if you’ve been injured, you should also immediately seek medical attention.

Your Macon, GA Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, it’s only fair that you get the compensation you deserve. Trying to recover your medical expenses, hospital bills, emotional damages, and more on your own, however, is rarely as effective as doing it with the help of a skilled attorney. Georgia Lawyers Childers & McCain are ready to help. We can get the results you need. For your free, no-obligation confidential consultation, call today 478-254-2007